During the Clive Christian Perfume Awards, March 22,  2013 in Milan, Lianne Tio Parfums has received an award for ” The Launch Event of the Year”.
I am greatly honored and thrilled to receive this prestigious trophy awarded by Clive Christian himself! What a wonderful evening…

Award announcement

Acceptance and word of thanks to Clive Christian

Special word of thanks to Mr. Clive Christian O.B.E

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Clive Christian Perfume Awards

“With the Clive Christian Perfume Awards we are afforded the opportunity to honour and highlight the excellence, dedication and professionalism, which our partners bring to our mutual business.” Martin Trout Area Director – Middle East & Asia Pacific

“Clive Christian Perfume strives to recognize and develop excellence amongst our partners and I am delighted that, in the Clive Christian Perfume Awards, we have the opportunity to celebrate these outstanding achievements. The Awards is a platform for us to showcase and reward such actions.”  –  Alexandra Forbes Head of Sales and Marketing – Europe