“To know Clive Christian Perfume is to love Clive Christian Parfume”

The Clive Christian Perfume House was established in 1999 when Clive Christian purchased the Crown Perfumery Company, Which was founded in 1872.

In doing so, he restored the craft and tradition of haute perfumerie, bringing perfumes back to life that are fit to wear a crown. All Clive Christian perfumes contain 20-25% pure perfume extract and use the finest ingredients from around the world.

The perfumes are made in the pursuit of passion and perfection, beauty, indulgence and timeless elegance. They are made with a global mindset and British heart.

The perfumes are a pure blend of peerless ingredients: a harmonious symphony that melds the Crown Perfumery’s notable heritage with the creative expertise of Clive Christian himself.

The Clive Christian Perfume bottles take inspiration from the flacons as they were originally produced in the Victoria Era.