Imagine a legendary British perfume company which enthralled the nation for over 100 years but which declined and became dormant after the second world war .

These fine perfumes were used originally by three generations of British Royalty, starting with Queen Victoria.
Ten years ago Simon Brooke traced his ancestry and discovered that he was the great great grandson of the founder of Grossmith. He had found the original formula books with their priceless and detailed descriptions. He decided to restore Grossmith to its former glory.
Since then with the finest natural oils and expertise, Simon and his family have recreated three mythical scents.

Ten years on since the revival, these 3 classic fragrances continue to transport the wearer to exotic locations as well as taking them on a journey in time. The royal collection sustains our relationship with royalty and continues the tradition of celebrating royal events. The entirely modern black label collection brings the perfume house into the 20th century, inspired by the founder and his family’s innovative spirit.