The revival of Grossmith being one of England’s oldest perfumehouses

Imagine a legendary British perfume company which enthralled the nation for over 100 years but which fell in desuetude in the lean years after the Second World War. Forty years later Simon Brooke traced his ancestry and discovered that he was a great great grandson of the founder of Grossmith. Fired with enthusiasm, by the discovery of the company’s original formulae books with their priceless and detailed descriptions, he determined to restore Grossmith to its former glory.

The finest natural oils and expertise have recreated three mythical scents known to Lilie Langtry and Queen Alexandra. Grossmith was awarded Royal Warrants by Queen Alexandre and the Royal Courts of Spain and Greece. The company created a perfume specially for the wedding of the future George V and Queen Mary in 1893.

The re-launch of Grossmith features the house’s most famous and exotic creations.

Article Telegraph UK May 2013