Martine Hul

This exclusive jewelry line, Hulchi Belluni, was founded on October 15, 2001 and is the realization of a passionate dream of Martine Hul. Her 20 years of experience combined with her vibrant creativity and her sparkling energy allow her to give a unique value to every piece.

Hulchi Belluni’s jewels are designed according to the rules of Feng Shui: ancient Eastern science formed around positive energy “chi” that brings harmony, positive energy and balance to the designs.

The jewels are a representation of a balanced interaction between the five Feng Shui elements (metal, water, fire, wood and earth). They sparkle with vigorous energy (wood), radiate power from (fire), are extinguished by the organic and wavy form (water) and let romance (earth) flow into tranquility and opulence (metal).