Marina Fossati

The hearth of the Milan fashion district, the Quadrilatero della Moda, conceals a very special place: Marina Fossati’s showroom. Stylists and buyers all over the world jealously keep its address, a precious secret to hand on new generations. There, the accurate analysis of new trends and the passion for craftsmanship are bond together in bijous and accessories. Haute Couture and the most famous fashion magazines are always looking for these creations, for their collections or photographic services.

Since its foundation, in the early ‘70ies, the brand Marina Fossati has always been anticipating the trends that made any fashion season so unique. Today nothing has changed, but the success and the fun which are always growing. It’s only playing with stones, fabric and metals that the most unique accessories are born, designed to define tomorrow’s style. With our creative spirit, unique taste and rigorously Italian quality, we bring on our research. As well as our passion.