Growing up, Marina was surrounded by artists and photographers, fashion and interior designers, as well as highly regarded entrepreneurs, all of whom have played a part in influencing how she looks at the world today. Importantly, they were mostly women from Marina’s Family.

Throughout Raphaels’s life, the pioneering females around her have been during, uncompromising and elegant. Visionary and influential in their own right, they are mothers and businesswomen who pride themselves on having a balance between family and professional duty. Entrepreneurial endeavours, an aspirant for innovation and dedication to one’s kin are the lifeblood of the family DNA, and Marina is no exception.

Restless in nature, even as a teenager Marina’s hobby led her to take a pivotal company role arranging events, weddings and celebrations. While doing this, the designer’s appreciation grew for how transient the professional world can be when it comes to creating. In-events particularly, all your energy is focused on a single moment, creating a spectacle of beauty and excitement, yet the next day it is gone forever. Although there is often sadness in this reality, Marina was constantly enthralled by the challenge of coming up with something new for the next event, often at the same venue. This idea of constant reinvention within the same frame work, is what has inspired her to take on the task of redesigning the same bag for each collection launch.

Born to a Swiss-Austrian mother and a Greek father, the designer has a natural affinity to travel and explore the natural world, particular with a love of the ocean and the energy she draws from it. With the ability to speak four languages, Marina views life through a lens of global compassion and consideration, which has enabled her to reach out to an international audience.

While currently studying Business management at King’s College London, she has decided to launch her first venture into the world of the catwalk. With a keen eye for detail and a love of design, her ambition and dedication toward her first designer label, borderlines and obsessive and meticulous pursuit for perfection.