In 2001 perfumer Pierre Montale began to create perfumes for Arabian kings, queens, sultans and princesses. In 2003 he opened his first store in Paris where he unveiled his masterful creations, made of Eastern essences with precious woods, resins, florals, sweet confections and spices from around the globe. His complex, well developed collection caused quite a stir among perfume connoisseurs. Each one of these remarkable perfumes is long lasting, providing the wearer with hours of fragrant happiness, due to a particular ingredient, aoud, which is extracted from the root of the aoud tree. From dark love potions to sweetened delights, from masculine leathery to uplifting and sunny fragrances.

Aoud is used in oriental perfumery since the dawn of time.
Aoud is a precious oil extracted from the bark resin of Aquilara. It is very rare and even more precious than gold: Only trees of a certain age (50 years) deliver this essence.
A thousand-year-old secret process gives us this deep and complex wonderful scent.
Aouds are believed to possess aphrodisiac properties…

“A fragrance is a natural and living raw material, which continues its maceration. The fragrance you buy today will gain strength and roundness along its conservation. Time and maceration: The secret of an elixir.” – Pierre Montale