Four perfumes created by Ormonde Jayne and made in London

Linda Pilkington, founder and creative director of Ormonde Jayne, has relentlessly scoured the globe, obsessed with her quest to source the world’s most rarest and exotic oils to complete her exquisite perfume library.

The Four Corners of the Earth is a collection of four perfumes, Montabaco, Nawab of Oudh, QI and Tsarina,  which pays homage to the different parts of the world which have inspired her and acknowledge the rich diversity of her hometown, London.


This extraordinary, cosmopolitan and ever-changing city is her epicentre – a crossroads from where she views the world and a unique location where diversity can be experienced on every corner. From this global village, Ormonde Jayne celebrates “The Four Corners of the Earth”.

At last I have fulfilled my lifetime’s dream – I have brought together some of the world’s rarest and most elusive scents:  from the deserts of The East, the jungles of Latin America, the ancient walled cities of China and from Russia of the Romanov Tsars’.

Linda Pilkington – Ormonde Jayne

Ormonde Jayne – Standard Collection