Roja Dove grows up in Brighton and is intrigued from an early age by scents. His mother who brought him to bed gave him a kiss and long after she had left, he still felt his mother by the scent she wore. Roja Dove is a Master perfumer, he has worked for a long time as a creator of perfumes for large perfume houses.​
In 2004, he was asked by Harrods in London to open the ‘ Roja Dove Haute Perfumerie ‘, where the rare, refined and most precious fragrances in the world are sold.​
In 2011 started with the Roja Perfumes, where he chooses the most rare, most precious ingredients and does not make concessions for the quality he maintains.​
The packaging’s are hand-made and finished, with also the finest finish that exists think of the gold lettering and the Swarovski crystal caps on the Perfumes​