In Florence stands one of the world’s oldest pharmacies: Officina Profumo – Farmaceutica di Santa Maria Novella, with its historic, artistic and handcraft legacy, which has thrived for centuries in uninterrupted symbiosis with the city of Florence. In its rooms, as in a jewel casket, the Officina hosts frescoes, furnishings and ancient implements of the pharmacist’s trade, alongside its products: a vast range of preparations to entice even the most demanding customer.

The origin of the Antica Farmacia goes back to the Dominican friars who in 1221 settled in Florence but it was officially founded in 1612 following a suggestion made by the Granduca di Toscana. During the eighteenth century, thanks also to the ingeniousness of the many formulas created by the chemist-friars, the reknown of the Farmacia crossed many borders. Since then, the spread of its products has constantly widened though production is still restricted to the Head Office in Florence.

Santa Maria Novella products available in our store:

Many of the Officina’s preparations have made history and have marked an epoch: the essences, as well as the famous and much requested perfumes, are still prepared to a large extent following the formulas studied in 1500 for Catharina de’ Medici. Not to be forgotten the wide range of products for treating the skin, such as Pasta di Mandorle, an excellent hand cream as well as milk, creams and oils for the body, bubble-baths and soaps. Soaps, hand-moulded one by one, aged for sixty days in ventilated cabinets and hand-wrapped are still produced with the machinery of the nineteenth century.

Santa Maria Novella products:

• Limited, controlled production at the original Florence site
• Skillfully prepared by hand
• All herbs and flowers cultivated naturally without pesticides

Due to a decision of the Headoffice of the Officina Farmaceutica di Santa Maria Novella, we are no longer allowed to sell the products of Santa Maria Novella through our webshop. However, Santa Maria Novella products are available in our store * in Rotterdam. To order just send an email at or contact us on +3110 4049602. We apology for the inconvenience.

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