Perfume Experience

We love to explain all about the beautiful assortment that we have. It’s a composition of perfumes from houses with which we have a close collaboration.​

During the Perfume Experience we explain more about these perfume houses, the exclusivity of these fragrances, and the ingredients that are used. We look for the perfume that perfectly matches your wishes.​

We will let you smell various perfumes and together we will look for the perfect combination of ingredients, and in the end, the fragrance that is most suitable for you. We do this while enjoying a coffee, tea, or glass of wine.​

This Perfume Experience will last about one and a half hours. If you cannot decide on your new favorite perfume, then we will be glad to make a sample from one of the fragrances which has your preference.​

Please come by soon!

Elli & Kalinka

How does it work?

You can make an appointment by emailing us at

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Perfume Experience

Or call us at:

010 404 9602

Please keep in mind:

Because we want to give everyone the maximum attention, the groups should not be larder than 4 people.

We hope to see you soon!

Elli & Kalinka

Master Perfumer
Roja Dove

We invited some of our biggest perfume lovers and favorite customers and friends to enjoy an evening with us and Roja Dove, one of the world’s leading perfumers.

He let us look into his world and guided us thru some of his experiences and how he makes some of the world’s best perfumes.

We all enjoyed the evening!

When Wine meets Perfume
Goutal Paris

Wine and perfume have a lot in common. They both trigger our sense of smell. They are both made for personal enjoyment.

We were joined by Eric van Goutal Paris and a wine sommelier from Hosman Vins. They taught us about the relation between various wines and scents.

What a fun evening with friends and customers.

We also had a lovely event with the Brooke family, 4th and 5th generation of the perfume house Grossmith.

They enthusiastically told us how they gave new life to a perfume house that almost disappeared.

Would you like to take part in the next perfume event or another event we organise? Please let us know!

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