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Visiting Karl Lagerfeld in Paris

Paris!  It is always a lovely place to visit. The city of love. I had an appointment by Karl Lagerfeld in January to order the new collection for the fall/winter. It is true that we order the fall/winter collection in the spring and the spring/summer collection in the fall, 6-9 months in advance.

The headquarters is located at 21, Rue ST – Guillaume.  The working space of Karl Lagerfeld is also located here. 

There are different rooms where the purchasing takes place and while I am walking thru the different rooms, I am asked if I would like to visit the office where Mr. Lagerfeld works. I immediately said yes and begin to think how special it is to see where he normally works. On the walls are his own hand made drawings for the new collection. 

This whole story becomes more special, when a few weeks later, we all read that this amazing fashion Icon passes away and leaves his beautiful life work behind for us to admire for years to come. 


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