SMN Products for the House

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Product code: Santa Maria Novella - SMN producten voor het huis

Products available :

• Lavendel 30 gr in silk bag
• Pot Pourri 100 gr air tight bag
• Pot Pourri 40 g embroidered silk bag SMN blue-green- bordeaux
• Pot Pourri terracotta jar 20 g – 40 g – 150 g
• Pot Pourri jar, handpainted incl 200 g potpourri
• Wax scented tablets – set of 2 – Melograno- Lavender – Rose – Pot Pourri
• Carta d’Armenia – Armenian burning paper
• Perfume burner, handpainted incl.cord lighting
• Perfume extracts for Perfume burner Vanda Suavis – Verbena – Sandalo
• Room fragrances Vanda Suavis – Verbena – Sandalo incl terracotta ring
• Roomsprays La Primavera – L’Estate – L’Autunno – L’Inverno – Natale
• Perfumed cards for wool
• Pomegranate in scented terracotta

Note : Due to a decision of the Headoffice of the Officina Farmaceutica di Santa Maria Novella, we are no longer allowed to sell the products of Santa Maria Novella through our webshop. However, Santa Maria Novella products are available in our store in Rotterdam. To order just send an email at or contact us on +3110 4049602. We apology for the inconvenience