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Private Collection – V – Fruity Floral (Feminine)


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Product code: Clive Christian Private Collection | V - Fruity Floral (Feminine)

A love of perfume is the inspiration behind V Fruity Floral. A perfume that is an olfactory dance for the senses, tantalizing with bergamot, black pepper and frankincense and brimming with aromatic allure.
It is a perfume that cavorts on the skin and reveals itself to its wearer with the rhythm and lyricism of a beautifully choreographed ballet.

With a fresh clean jasmine note at its heart this fragranceĀ enlivens with its top notes of cassis and palmarosa. SubtleĀ nuances of daphne and muguet keep the heart of theĀ fragrance light and clean before richer notes of darkĀ plum, labdanum and ylang ylangĀ spiral in to the woodyĀ base rich with resinous tones of cedarwood fusedĀ with dark patchouli, rich ambers, smoky styrax andĀ smooth suede.