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Product code: Fort & Manlé | Charlatan 50 ml EDP spray

“Grand beginnings. Green pastures aboundPlans made, idealsmaps, goals, rose-tinted hueutopian dreamsblissTables turnedUntruths awashSnake oilJack’s beansunattainable mirage. Thread unravelling. Pandora’s box. Melancholic brood. Grey descentIf I can’t have her…then no one will.”

A floral gourmand pushed to the best of their extremes, Charlatan begins with the soft seductive sweetness of Pear dipped in Chocolate, teased with the earthy and titillating carnal severity of luscious black Perigord Truffle. This is moved into a blissful interlude of exotic, balmy florals with all of their delightful natural oiliness present: Damascene Rose, Jasmine from the spicy exotica of Morocco, and the leathery bounce of Osmanthus. This sinful symphony is enriched and saturated with Madagascan Vanilla Bean, spicy Sandalwood from West Australia and rounded out with Himalayan Amber.

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