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Impressions de Giverny
Eau De Perfume Spray


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Product code: Fort & Manlé | Impressions de Giverny 50 ml EDP spray

I want to paint the air around the bridge, the house, the boat. The beauty of the air where they are, and it is nothing other than impossible” – Claude Monet.”

“This fragrance is my impression of Le Jardin à Giverny in scent, the beauty of the air that cannot be achieved by the brush. An olfactive journey of Monet’s vision for a Japanese garden in the heart of Normandy.” Rasei Fort

Yuzu- Bergamot-Stone fruits- Apple- Magnolia-Rose-Tuberose-Osmanthus-Orange Blossom- Violet- Fig Leaf- Coriander-Tulips-Neroli-Mango-Ylang Ylang- Ambergris- Benzoin- Musk

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