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Product code: Marc-Antoine Barrois | Ganymede | Eau De Parfum

If B683 was inspired by a souvenir Ganymede comes from a fantasy, the fantasy of a new elegance timeless and fluid “

For this new opus, the destination is elsewhere. Creating an elegant and unexpected harmony around a quartet of mandarin, violet, immortelle and suede, the two fellow artists have dreamt of this new planet : Ganymede, the rocky satellite of Jupiter discovered in 1610 by Galileo, is both luminous and covered with salt-water oceans. It acquired its name from Greek mythology : a young man, Ganymede, was kidnapped by gods who had been so enthralled by his beauty

that he was offered immortality.

Top; Mandarijn absolute, Saffron. Heart; Osmanthus Absolute, Violet. Base; AkigalawoodImmortelle Absolute.

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