Take a seat and enjoy a cup of coffee or glass of champagne in our boutique while you shop or justrelax.

We originally started out as the first ‘haute perfumerie’ boutique in The Netherlands and continue to develop our lines with the most unique perfumes in the world.

LTL offers a very exclusive and varied collection of jewelry. From contemporary to classic in all priceclasses. Our fun and discreet staff will help you understand more about jewelry and assist you with theperfect choice from our current collection. Or do you prefer “Out of the Box”? We can guide you in designing a one-of-a-kind piece with the support of our team and masters behind the scenes.

We have a unique range of accessories for both ladies and gentlemen including designer jewelry, sunglasses, bags, hats, scarves,  and gloves. The driving force behind our collection is the search for authenticity and exclusivity. We have a collection that you cannot find anywhere else without a flight and an appointment.

 With expert knowledge, passion and above all a lot of fun we gladly give you tailored advice. Comeand visit our store in Rotterdam and experience the unique, ultimate shopping experience of Lianne Tio Luxury.

You are most welcome!