Clive Christian
Private Collection V – Amber Fougere (Heren)


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Product code: Clive Christian Private Collection | V - Amber Fougere (Masculine)

Fuelled by a deep-seated passion for perfume and performance, V Amber Fougere is about movement, it has energy and passion.wearing a great perfume is a kind of movement, you are seductively drawn in, scene by scene, note by note. Mingling woody, resinous notes with the uplifting and exciting scent of cassis beautifully captured in a perfume of stunning vintage and theatrical quality.

A rich combination of peppery notes combine to give the main character to this fragrance; pink pepper, black pepper, white pepper, frankincense and elemi. Wrapped around this peppery story are bright bergamot and Fir balsam for added sweetness and aromatic richness, orris, lavender and cedarwood for a smooth sensuality with smoky vetiver adding depth and rich sweet and dry ambers adding warmth and richness.


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