Clive Christian
Private Collection E – Gourmande Oriental (Heren)


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Product code: Clive Christian Private Collection | E - Gourmande Oriental (Masculine)

Inspired by the opulent interiors of Buckingham Palace, where Clive Christian received his OBE for services to luxury British design, the perfume perfectly encapsulates the aura of excellence that permeated this most auspicious of occasions. As well as expressing the sublime design detail of the palace, this rich and sumptuous perfume built around a resinous amber base, gives life to the overriding sense of pride and joy of receiving such a remarkable honour.

An intensely warm and rich fragrance built around a rich ambery whiskey character. It has top notes of fruity rum and peachy osmanthus that add interest to the heart of rich resinous labdanum with smoke notes of cade, softened and sweetened by clove and cinnamon.The rich base combines the fruity tones of wine & oak barrels with peaty patchouli and earthy oakmoss wrapped around with rich resinous amber notes of myrrh, with sweet bourbon vanilla, warm caramel and maple syrup.


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